The strategic plan has seven major sectors namely

  1. A summary background of FWCC – Africa Section
  2. The strategic planning process.
  3. FWCC – Africa Section Identity.
  4. Strategic situation analysis
  5. Strategic priorities
  6. Fundraising strategies
  7. Section’s structural capacity

The strategic priorities selected are based on identifying activities that take advantage of the section’s strength and opportunities and; rectifies weaknesses and minimizes threats. five priority action areas identifed as pillars to grow and expand FWCC – Africa Section’s programs are:-

  1. Increasing visibility/publicity of FWCC-AS programs
  2. Increasing the funding of FWCC-AS programs
  3. Increase Engagements in Peace(Strengthening) unity among various Quaker programs.
  4. Initiate Climate SMART programs within Africa focused on tree planting.
  5. Creating unity among various Quaker Programs
  6. A fundraising strategy to increase the total annual funding to the section’s program from the current USD 14,000 to USD 32,000 in 2018 and maintain an annual increase of 20% through the subsequent 4 years.